I'm looking for the history of the freemasons and of the Jesuits in San Francisco.

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I'm looking for information about the freemasons in San Francisco and also for the history of the Jesuits there . Does any one have info about St. Ignatius Church - that it is built above a masonic graveyard? Crystal watson@who.net

-- Crystal Watson (watson@who.net), September 26, 2000


StIgnatius Church is on the campus of the University of San Francisco (USF). The University ocupies ground used by several cemetery associaitons including Holy Cross (Roman Catholic) and Masonic. These cemeteries were vacated in the 1930s with the bodies re-intured in Colma.

Most of USF is on the ground occupied by Holy Cross.

Good luck on your research.

-- KURT IVERSEN (IVERSENK@AOL.COM), October 09, 2000.

i have information freemason

-- Alireza Khataei (alirezakh12@yahoo.com), March 06, 2005.

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