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Is there a way to insert a date and have it automatically update in BBedit-or am I thinking of Dreamweaver

-- RAchel davidman (, September 26, 2000


It would seem a program like BBEdit would have a function built-in to record a "last modified" date on your page. But it doesn't, at least as far as I can tell. I'm sure it would be possible to script one using Applescript.

Dreamweaver does have such a function, as does Alpha. Perhaps BBEdit 6.0 will do it. Otherwise, we'll try to script one.

-- John Hollenbeck (, September 26, 2000.

It is indeed possible, using a glossary placeholder. For example, I insert on every page "This page last modified on #shortdate#" and upon updating the document the current date is substituted. The printed or online help menu lists all the glossary placeholders available. They can be mighty handy, especially in conjunction with the use of "include" files.

-- Tom Hemphill (, August 19, 2001.

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