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I love shoes. I have a thing about weird shoes.

My purple velvet Zodiacs that I call my Prince shoes. My favorite steel toed Docs. My new blue suede Adidas.

Mmmmm shoes.

What about you?


-- Anonymous, September 25, 2000


Where to start?

There's: -the green 3hole steeltoed Docs -the black steeltoed 3hole Undergrounds -the blue strappy Teva's with the mighty buckle -the $8 Payless deck slippers that look like they were made by dyslexic aliens -the 8hole black canvas boots with 2 top buckles -the 20hole black canvas boots that wrap around my kneecap -the Spice Girl black bubble boots with CBRs, buckles and sidezips.

And the two-tone oldstyle Vans I play soccer in. People, when your team tells you its time to get new shoes, when all of theirs are held together with duct tape, you have skanky old shoes.

-- Anonymous, September 25, 2000

Uhm... wellll... I've got my pair of oh-so-tres-goth-chic boots (surprisingly enough from To Boot New York), my plated witch boots (pointed toe with external steel plate, plus plated heel... All done by Moi...) and my pair of rainbow flip-flops... just because they're comfy.


-- Anonymous, September 26, 2000

i have a pair of black army boots that almost never leave my feet, despite the fact that they're slightly too small and make my feet hurt.

my other favorites, which i really need to buy an outfit to go with, are my square-toed wingtipish dress shoes. i have the cane, the old man glasses, the fedora, the thirties necktie... just need a good shirt and pair of slacks... i love those shoes.

-- Anonymous, September 26, 2000

Let's see... there's my black patent leather chunky platform shoes, my black suede mary jane platform shoes, my black microfiber platform space boots, my black suede knee high lace-up black high-heeled platform witchy-poo boots... does anyone notice a trend here? I think big black shoes are the official footwear of lesbians or something. I can't even remember the last time I bought a pair of white shoes....

-- Anonymous, September 26, 2000

my black patent 5 1/2" heel pumps with the ankle straps are my faves even though I've not actually tried walking in them more than a few steps...but I don't think they were really made for that activity, anyway...

-- Anonymous, October 05, 2000

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