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my husband and i had our flat reppossed in 1995 after additions to our family we could no longer keep up the repayments and was served an eviction notice we have now recieved letters from eversheds saying that we now owe nationwide 34,681 i have been in correspondance with them and sent back a signed financial declaration form ( my husband never signed the form ) they returned a letter saying we would have to pay a monthly fee of #75 until it is payed off or a settlement of #5,500 we are unable to get a loan and feel we are unable to pay the monthly fee we did not hear of this site untill 2 days ago and now see that we should not have sent the form back to them what should we do now they have contacted me by phone today to ask if we had been able to come up with any solution i said no and they said they would contact me again in a weeks time we would also like to know if the 6 year effect stops now they have been in contact with us or can we try to drag it past the 6 years and then go to court and state the hopkinson V tupper case.

-- lisa joanne rogers (, September 25, 2000


You may like to send Eversheds a copy (or just refer them to it) of an article in the Sunday Times 'Money' section, dated 08/03/98, in which a Nationwide borrower won a very substantial refund.

You should put them to 'strict proof' of the debt, i.e. ask to them to provide detailed (very detailed) information as to the calculations. You should also follow the info given to you on this site. Your offer correspondence should be without prejudice. Don't be bullied - be strong - it is your rights that you are seeking to enforce.

Good luck. Ken

-- Kenneth Claude Haymes (, September 26, 2000.

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