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I want to create SVCD's but my video card can only handle MPEG-1. Can I capture it in MPEG-1 format and convert it to MPEG-2 format for SVCD creation. Will this produce a better quality video becuase I realize that the typical VCD format has a lot of blockiness to it.

-- (, September 25, 2000


You would be hard pressed to make the captured mpeg-1 video better than it is. The problem is that any kind of "conversion" from mpeg- 1 to mpeg-2 is going to recompress the already compressed mpeg-1. You would be better off to use a higher bit rate if you want better quality. If you were able to produce Mpeg-2 from the mpeg-1 it would probably be a lot worse. Plus basically with low bit rate data .. Mpeg-2 is actually worse than mpeg-1. Mpeg-2 was designed for variable bit rate and really works best at higher bit rates for things like DVD. Mpeg-1 VCD "can" produce pretty good video IF you have a decent Mpeg-1 encoder and most importantly start with an excellent source ... See my web page ( ) for some samples of what you should be able to get with VCD if you have a decent source and encoder.

-- Rich (, September 25, 2000.

Rich, thanks for the input. I understand what you mean. It's just that I recently got a new ATI All in wonder Pro 123 (32 mb) video capture card. I've been able to capture MPEG-2 with it and write it out as SVCD using Nero burner. My stand alone DVD player recognizes and plays it, but it seems that the sound is not keeping up with the video. Also, there were spots where the video would flicker or pause. I'm not sure what to do. I was thinking about using my old ATI all in wonder pro to capture MPEG1 and converting it to MPEG2, but from what you're saying, it would be a lost cause also. Do you have anything that you could recommend me doing. I'm still fairly new at this.

-- (, September 25, 2000.

just use tmpeg encoder and go to "mpeg tools->basic Multiplex" if you have a mpeg-1 system stream (video+audio), select your MPEG-1 file in video input and automatically the audio will be selected. Then select your output file (ex: videoout.mpg) Make sure you choose MPEG-2 SVCD SYSTEM STREAM (VBR)and click on start. The result is a MPEG-2 SYSTEM STREAM FILE FOR SVCD (VBR), WITH MPEG-1 VIDEO (CBR) + MPEG-1 LAYER 2 AUDIO PLAYABLE ON DVD-SVCD STANDALONE PLAYERS. Make sure your MPEG-1 VIDEO FILE IS VCD COMPLIANT (DO NOT EXCEED 2600 KBPS VIDEO BIT RATE) . AND IN THIS PROCESS YOU DON'T LOOSE VIDEO QUALITY. IT WORKS IN MY AFREEY PC-DVD 10X WITH WINDVD 2000, AND IT WORKS TOO WITH MY PHILLIPS DVD-955 STANDALONE DVD-SVCD PLAYER.


-- (, December 31, 2000.

I've been working on TMPCENC for hours and cannot get an option for MPEG-2 to pop up, only "All files" I did get a -VGTvidz-MSZ.mpg but Nero will not burn this but asks for the Nero codec to convert to MPEG-2

-- Blaine Dixon (, December 30, 2002.

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