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My brother is in hospital near Stirling having had multiple strokes, can't speak other than via speech box, can't walk, has no phone line for e-mails and needs dynamic advocate. Where can I go to get him this help?

-- Alan Angel (, September 24, 2000


I posted your question on the Scottish Disability Information Mailing List and got this answer from Jean Alexander.

A useful local contact for him might be the Area Rehab Team based at Stirling Royal Infirmary 01786- 434000, Ann Allison is the acting team coordinator. She might have some contact with local advocacy services

-- Jim Byrne (, September 27, 2000.

More information from The Scottish Disability Information Mailing List:

If not already in contact with a Speech & Language Therapist, ask hospital or GP to refer to one. You could also contact "Speakability" at 1 Royal Street, London SE1 7LL telephone:0171 261 9572 - this is a charity providing support and advice for people who lose their speech as the result of stroke, and their families and friends. Emma McLeod, Speech Therapist, The Thistle Foundation, Edinburgh, EH16 4EA,, Telephone: 0131 661 3366, Fax: 0131 661 4879

-- Jim Byrne (, October 02, 2000.

hey i was an disappled. i had a stroke about 10 yrs and i was askingif your pills(speach)our more??

-- scotty kilgo (, January 23, 2001.

Please take a visit to our web site We are a small social stroke group in Southern Hants Uk and you can read positive stories from members of our group who have made a 'life after stroke.' I'm sure there will be a similar group somewhere in your area and they really are of great value for moral and emotional support.

-- Sandra Lawton (, July 08, 2002.

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