Hi Duncan!

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Have you missed me?

-- (geekathome@flashmail.com), September 24, 2000


Hi timbo! You weren't around last year when I was (at least not as timbo). I hope you enjoy the place!

-- (gah@flashmail.com), September 24, 2000.

Hey! Is most of the spirituality crowd around? How about the guy that had the name of a good-looking guy in the survival forum? (I forgot his name.) How about Netpoppa? I always liked Netpoppa. Is Agape still as sweet as she always was? I'm sorry I can't tell you who I am. I'm not supposed to be playing on the internet because I spend way too much time on it as it is, and if I get caught, my SO will ring my neck!

(gah@flashmail.com), September 24, 2000.

opps, I messed up my html. Have you noticed this forum is html enabled? Now we can all learn! (If we want.)

-- (gah@flashmail.com), September 24, 2000.

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