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Texas talk for maybe it's time to move on. I haven't flown much this TOD, and with the exception of Fernsy and Jofooo, I never see other Red Arrows in the virtual skies. Think I'll move along and try something different.

It's been fun....cya guys!!


-- Tex--- (, September 24, 2000


This is sad

Tex, This saddens me. Whenever we're online we fly as wingmen, often with Jofooo too. You in your P38, Jofooo in his zeke and me in my Jug. We allways kick some serious butt too.....well you do anyway :-) I'll miss the radio buffer saying: Kill of XXXX by tex--- of ==The Red Arrows==> every 2 minutes while I'm struggling to get even one :-) I'll miss you clearing the bandit on my six while struggling home with no ailerons and a smoking engine. I'll miss you buddy! Will you change your mind if we all beg you not to leave? I've been flying less too lately but I still hang around because I know there'll be guys like you to fly with. I hope you come back from time to time so we can recreate the fun times. Keep in touch and best of luck!


-- Dave Ferns (, September 24, 2000.

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