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Sunoco Announces Maintenance Turnarounds For Delaware Valley Refinery Complex

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Sunoco announced today its maintenance activity for the Delaware Valley Refinery Complex (Marcus Hook and Philadelphia refineries) for the balance of 2000. The complex has 500,000barrels-per-day of crude distillation capacity. ) At its Marcus Hook facility, Sunoco said it would perform routine maintenance on a 93,000 barrels-per-day fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) unit at the refinery starting September 29. Other associated processing units at Marcus Hook, including the gas plant, the alkylation unit, and an 85,000 barrels-per-day crude unit will also be shut down for scheduled maintenance, which is expected to take approximately four weeks. The facility's remaining 90,000 barrels-per-day crude unit will be unaffected by the turnaround.

On September 7, Sunoco experienced a fire in a 140,000 barrels-per-day crude unit at its Philadelphia refinery complex. The crude unit consists of a 50,000 barrels-per-day section and a 90,000 barrels-per-day section. In conjunction with the repair of this unit, the previously scheduled turnaround of the 50,000 barrels-per-day area of the crude unit has been accelerated.

Repair and turnaround work on this unit is now expected to be completed by the end of September. The 90,000 barrels-per-day section is also expected to return to operation by month-end but will begin a planned four-week maintenance turnaround in late October. The Philadelphia refinery also has a 200,000 barrels-per-day crude unit that is operating normally. Sunoco expects that with these maintenance activities completed, it will be well positioned to run at maximum production during the upcoming heating oil season.

Sunoco, Inc. (NYSE: SUN), headquartered in Philadelphia, is one of the largest independent petroleum refiner-marketers in the United States. Sunoco operates five domestic refineries with 730,000 barrels-a-day of crude oil processing capacity and markets gasoline through more than 3,500 Sunoco retail outlets in 17 states from Maine to Virginia and west to Indiana. Sunoco sells lubricants and petrochemicals worldwide, operates domestic pipelines and terminals, and manufactures metallurgical-grade coke for use in the steelindustry. For additional information, visit Sunoco's web site at,+01:21+PM

-- Martin Thompson (, September 23, 2000


Maybe this bears repeating.

-- Rachel Gibson (, September 23, 2000.

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