Averages Still Broken

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I posted about a week ago that "deleted" scores were still being counted towards things such as medal points and averages, when they shouldn't be. This inaccuracy within the site still hasn't been fixed.

-- Tickenest (tdemores@sas.upenn.edu), September 23, 2000


The short term fix is "deleted" is now called "*deleted"

Otherwise, scripts would have to be modified (Chris Moore?)...

-- Pat (laffaye@ibm.net), September 24, 2000.

I have a better short-term idea - about every month the game of deleted should be deleted from the database. That SHOULD bring all the averages up again. Then bring it back.

For the record Pat - you gave everyone points in deleted again with that move... :(

-- Gameboy9 (goldengameboy@yahoo.com), September 24, 2000.

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