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The leeching rule to my knowledge is infinate leeching(earning enough points to earn extra lives ad infinatum) - BBH's recording isn't even close. That's getting as many points as possible.

Score is good as far as I'm concerned. GB9

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2000


sounds good to me, i should have put a smiley on that comment... and i had to make the comment because it looks like what he does could be done ad infinatum even though you can only gain a few extra lives total with infinite score.

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2000

There is a very thin line between maximising and leeching. My general "rule" is that (1) if a game has a time limit, and (2) a game has a "real" ending (either a limited number of stages or a kill screen), and (3) the game doesn't keep giving out extra lives, then people should be free to sacrifice as many lives as they want to up their scores AS LONG AS they still go on and finish the game.

This is very tricky, because, sometimes, it's hard to say whether someone died on purpose or not. BBH is one of the few people who will actually put it in his description if he did.

Anyway, according to "my" rules, BBH's score is perfectly valid. He may have sacrificed some lives to get a higher score, but that didn't result in him getting a lot more lives, and he still went on to actually finish the game.

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2000

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