19" red dot artar coverage

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Hi, Does anyone know the image circle of the 19" red dot artar. I am thinking about a panoramic camera either 7x17 or 8x20. It would be great if my 19" artar would cover. Thanks Bill Bartels

-- Bill Bartels (tlr220@msn.com), September 23, 2000


I have documentation which states that the 480mm, f11 Red Dot Artar has an image circle of 452mm at f16.

-- neil poulsen (neil.fg@att.net), September 24, 2000.


I don't have numbers, but reliable sources have told me that the 19 inch artar will cover 12x20 when stopped down to f/45 or further. It should even give some room for adjustment on 717 and 820. These lenses have a lot of sample variation since many are remounted process lenses: a test is certainly a good idea but you will probably get a good answer.---Carl

-- Carl Weese (cweese@earthlink.net), September 24, 2000.

This lens has a projection angle of 46 degrees and a diagonal coverage at infinity of 16.1" Hope this helps.

-- Robert A. Zeichner (razeichner@ameritech.net), September 24, 2000.

Thanks to all who responded. Looks like the Artar may cover but just.

-- Bill Bartels (tlr220@msn.com), September 26, 2000.

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