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Some of you may know Condit as a fine company who is famous for pin registration, oil negative carriers and other darkroom tools. They also made a 8x10 enlarger which I need parts for. > They were based in Sandy Hook Conneticut. Directory assistance told me that they are in a new town, but the number was the same. I have tried all week to reach them, but there is no answer to the phone. > Anyone know anything ? > Thanks in advance > richard

-- richard (, September 23, 2000


I received a postcard last summer from them saying that the end of August would be when they were closing their business.

-- Jeff White (, September 23, 2000.

The reason Roy Condit chose to close at the end of August is that he selected teaching as his new career, and was going to start his student teaching beginning in September. I purchased what I needed from him during July, and didn't ask about his plans for any stock of unsold parts after the closure. Having been married to a teacher for 25 years, I know what September is like, and suggest you remain patient. Keep trying the phone or send a letter. Roy impressed me as a person of high integrity, and will probably contact you after September is over, when, as my wife puts it, "the wreckage clears."

-- Sal Santamaura (, September 23, 2000.

Since my last post I have received an email from Everett who told me they have closed. I bought a used Condit enlarger with no glass in the negative carrier. I have asked Everett if they could help me with the glass and a manual for the enlarger. If anyone owns a manual for this enlarger, or can tell me how the nagative carrier works then I would be glad to pay for your trouble. I am located near New York City. Thanks to all who responded. > richard

-- richard (, September 23, 2000.

A friend of mine just spoke with Roy earlier this week and he is in the process of inventorying what he has and will probably offering that for sale--no idea what the time frame is like. My friend is looking for some anti-newton ring glass for a contact printing frame (8x10). Anyone out there have any ideas?


-- fred (, September 23, 2000.

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