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Does anyone out there know what medium price flashes there are that will work well with an old FT-1. I found a new X-24, but for $125. Anything out there for $50-$90? Also, whats a good 70-200mm zoom for the FT-1. Thanks R

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2000


Flashes for FT-1


The Konica X-24 is, in my opinion, one of the best flashes you can find for your FT-1. It's automation takes control of the camera and gives you status in the viewfinder.

I found one in my local camera store for $45.00, so they are out there. There's also the Konica X-18 auto, with the same automation features at a lower price. It has lower flash power.

There are no moderately priced flashes that fully interact with your FT-1. SUNPAK make several models that use a dedicated Konica automation module, but the price would probably be more than you like. The new Vivitar flashes are all good, and offer auto-thryistor "semi-auto" operation. The newer ones have low trigger voltage, while the old ones (and other makes, too) have high triggering voltage that MIGHT damage your FT-1. There is some uncertainty on this, but I cohhse to play it safe, and restrict my old Vivitar 283 to use with my Autoreflex T.


-- Anonymous, September 22, 2000

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