Engines cooled down? Cannons on rust?

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After spending quite a boring summer I could be ready to step back on the lines but alas! Main Arena is empty, some strange WW2 Arena has some airmen w/ Axis/Allies to pick up, discussion here and in theredarrows group indicate almost squad disband:(

Is squad channel in effect in WW2A? Anyone flying anymore?

A bit more: anyone from Boston, MA or surroundings? Gonna spend next week there, would be cool to have a beer or couple with live Arrow. Is squad sheep reserved?

-- Box (boxmike@hotmail.com), September 22, 2000


NO NO NO to the Disband, were just uncoordinated

OK, I will reitterate, I dont like the WWII arena. but i hav fond some arrows who are there at the same time. Squad channel does work and I do get a chnce to save some once in a while.

when your online jut keep asking if any arrow is there. if we have invite capabilty well get you reinstated.

E. REIGN Zielinski

-- E. Zielinski (ttfn@gte.net), September 25, 2000.

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