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Hi, does anyone know of a software that can convert mov to avi faster than with adobe premiere? bye

-- ignacio (, September 22, 2000


trhe quicktime program itself can!! All you have to do is dl quicktime (unless you have it) and when you regsiter it, it unlocks some more options. under file go to import, select your file, then go to export and you can save it as an avi

-- Doug (, September 24, 2000.

Quicktime itself will not convert all .mov files. Some stupid content providers can *protect* their videos by locking out the "export to avi" function causing Quicktime to display a message like "unable to export movie because the file does not allow saving".I need to find a program that can convert these files anyway.Two videos I have experienced this with are the trailers for the X-Men movie and the Dungeons and Dragons movie available from the site.To save a copy of the trailer off the website, you will need to go into your c:\Windows\Temporary Internet Files folder(after the trailer has completely loaded) and find the .mov file there.Can Adobe Premiere convert these "protected" files?

-- Craig Spurlock (, October 29, 2000.

Look for a program called Dumpster. This will allow you to open the code of the MOV file and edit some programmed options. Look for the NSAV function and change the value to all 0's (zero's). This will remove the "not able to save" crap. However you will not find the NSAV on all MOV files but you will for most of them. The only one I've come across so far are the Movie Trailer that run at full screen and have all that extra junk on the top and bottom, but backing down to the lower resolution works good.

-- Jman (, July 08, 2001.

Hi, i'm having a problem when inserting a movie clip into a powerpoint, as that movie clip i wanna insert is a RM file, and the supported movie clip type are only avi or mov. HOw can i convert an rm file into a avi or mov file?? thank you so much.

-- Cerene (, July 09, 2001.

Go to and it tells you a few things there, if not have a look ate other parts of that site!! byebye

-- Me (, December 04, 2001.

Go to 'The Converters Paradise'. The address is: Download a program called Works great.

-- Patrick (, January 16, 2002. Program name:

-- Pat (, January 16, 2002.

For all of you looking for Dumpster.exe!

C'mon guys! I spent Like 10 minutes looking for this stuff! To find things fast, go to It how I found this board and all these programs. It's the only search engine I use anymore! It's great! Try it. It'll save you a lot of time.

-- Patrick (, January 16, 2002.

Go To This Address!

-- Jen Parket (, February 16, 2002.

Look guys, i tried all your programs and frankly they stink. You can thank me later for this one! lol! I was skeptical at first, but it's free and it's perfect for conversion. Sound as well! Alex

-- Alex Nicholson (, October 09, 2002.

Dumpster worked 100% for me, no need for anything else.

-- Rankio (, November 15, 2002.

sorry patrick, dumpster wasn't there, however, I FTPed into apple's server...this ought to work it's almost as if apple is trying to hide this program

-- Eric (, November 24, 2002.

Apple isn't trying to hide the Dumpster program. It's right on their developer tools webpage ;)

-- MasterRat (, January 04, 2003.

For some reason, i install qtime and all on my comp, but it WILL NOT run. I click it, and it seems like it is going to, but then nothing comes up. I then get an illegal operation, or i have to ctrl+alt+delete, and qtime will be in the menu as not responding. There are so many . mov files i want to watch out there, but everything i've tried cannot get qtime to run. Anyone know how to fix this problem, or solutions?

-- Joe (, January 24, 2003.

freeware -- works!

-- yea_right (, February 23, 2003.

-- blobicaus (, February 26, 2003.

the rad tools is awsome, screw dumpster!

-- James Manson (, March 14, 2003.

So with all of these converters, am I the only one who cant get the sound to work? The video converts, but no sound. Any ideas?

-- Jimmy (, March 15, 2003.

Hey, I'm having the same bloody problem with Quick Time!

I downloaded the files and everything appeared to be in order but it never installed and the quick time plugin is not registering even though I have it on my pc and its in the right folder etc.

I used all the troubleshooting techniques on the apple website but still nothing!

I am so upset because I had my heart set on watching a .mov video my friend gave me :(

And I can't get any other file conversion programs working either.

I went to go get RAD video tools but first I need to have quick time installed! argh! And the dumpster link thing isn't working for me and that other website with the free converter thingie was in some other language and didn't appear to have any download links on it anywhere at all :(

Can ANYBODY help me PLEASE find decent working copy of a conversion program that will convert my .mov to avi with sound?

You would think it would be so simple but its taken me weeks to try get this thing to work and still no luck at all.

-- Trinity Five (, March 17, 2003.

Hi there! None of the listed links work. Sorry Alex too,Your link is out of date.The main reasons is the proprietary software and the API's they use."Bullshit Codec or Decompressor not found" Mac,thanks you once again for this mist.I just want to convert this piece of .mov into an editable thing. Maybe somewhere else! Bye

-- Error (, March 25, 2003.

Quicktime Quickeditor can resolve some problems..

This may not work on all files. You may want Dumpster mentioned above...

-- MOTAR (, April 18, 2003.

You could try EOvideo for conversion of any mov file to avi. Don't have the link, just do a search on google and download the trial version.

-- RD (, April 18, 2003.

Is Quicktime Quickeditor compatable with xp?

-- Robert (, April 21, 2003.

-- (, April 26, 2003.

i take video clip at camera olympus in quick time format, but i dont have it in AVI format. Is any converter quick time to avi format?

-- (, September 19, 2003.

You would probably be looking for WinMPG, I finally found it, i love it!!!

-- steve ostberg (, September 28, 2003.

Nothing Works. All i want is to convert some self extracting bink videos to avi or somthing compatible with Windows Media Player. Rad video tools does not work for me

-- Nick (, October 14, 2003.

Yes there is a software to convert .mov to avi that is radgame tools . The link is :

-- Ronald Andrew (, November 13, 2003.

Just want to say, excuse me! To the guy who said my link didn't work when it clearly did.

-- Alex Nicholson (Vison, November 14, 2003.

I can get Quicktime to convert but the quality is not even close to the original MOV. I'm just trying to move a MOV from a camera to a DVD/SVCD/VCD to be played on a dvd player. Does anyone have software/settings that will not degrade the video?

-- ks (, January 02, 2004.

hey everyone! does anyone know of a *FREE* converter to make quicktime .mov files into .avi cos the only ones i can find either expire in a few days or u need to pay for them. PLEASE HELP! thanks a lot

-- sam

-- sam bisset (, February 18, 2004.

hello @ all,

Iīve got a problem with the sound after converting my mov files into avi files with the program MOV2AVI. Has anyone an solution for this problem?? If thereīs someone out there who could help me, plese send me a mail!!

Thankīs @ ALL

-- tashy (, February 19, 2004.

for freeware you can use Rad Video Tool,24330,3548274,00.h tml - however, the result is very much lack of quality and distort speed.

for shareware you can find WinMPEG - which I don't know the output quality.

does QuickTime Pro can solve this. Now the price is about $30 - $40

-- andy (, March 05, 2004.

This is crap, nothing converts, eveyrthting is old. Eveyrhting is crap crap and more crap.

-- Ben McKenna (, March 17, 2004.

I have tried to convert with qtime, but is it normal that a .mov file takes up to 20 minutes to convert to avi??

-- Beatzzz (, March 17, 2004.

sorry, the .mov file is no more than one minute....

-- Beatzzz (, March 17, 2004.

Alright, i hate "shareware". What is free, easy to use, and actually works in converting .mov to .avi??? My problem is, i have a movie on my computer thats 1.3 gb, but is an .mov file. I can't find anything that cuts .mov files in half, and i can't find anything that can convert a .mov file to a .avi. Now, most of you are giving links to shareware. shareware this, shareware that. I hate that. When there is a freeware involved, it can't handle changing it, and must rely on a shareware!! It would really help, instead of giving all these links that i've tried already and either give us a reg key to "borrow" or provide a freeware that works and actually does the job cleanly! !mf2

-- mf2 (, March 18, 2004.

alright... i used the rad video converter to convert a music video burnburn.MOV into a avi file but it turned into a 876 mb file it was 40 mbs how can i change it?

-- kyle maynard (, March 21, 2004.

Yes, Rad Tools realy works, Thanks

-- martin (, March 22, 2004.

If your file becomes too big, convert to divx 5.1.1 Radtools asks what compressor to use. Of course you have to install the divx codec. My 2400 kb mov turns into a 500 kb avi.

-- martin (, March 22, 2004.

I dond have any answers im afraid. I bought a digital camera that takes short .mov clips (35sec) and I have trawled the net to find something that will convert this quicktime format to .wav or.avi can anybody suggest anything? and can a movie file be turned somehow. I took some footage with the camera at the portrait position and Im stuck with it like that!

thanks Dec

-- decirwin (, April 15, 2004.

Why are soooooo many people here getting sucked into 'shareware' and 'pay to unlock' software!!!! If it's not free.....don't pay for it...simple. Now in response to the .mov converter to avi or mpeg....NON OF THEM WORK!!!!!! People don't bother downloading them just take my word for it...THEY DON't work. Well all i can do is too keep searching for a .mov converter.

-- Maurizio Corso (, April 16, 2004.

Chk this site out.Not sure if its quicker BUT it works.

-- Mike Capps (, April 16, 2004.

When I import an avi movie into Adobe Premiere 6.0, there is no sound accompaning it. In the timeline view, the sound clip is shown, but when the movie is played, there is no sound heard. I'm not sure if the original movie was encoded with divx or something and I need a codec for Adobe in order to get the sound. As you can probably tell, I have really have no idea what the problem is, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


-- Ian (, April 25, 2004.

Hi, I use a digicam that records short 40sec QuickTime clips and stumbled across this page looking for a convertor. RADTools works great!

-- rp (yabba@dabba.doo), May 02, 2004.

Same thing here Olympus camera, MOV files what were they thinking AVI!! Is the future and the present!!

-- Paul Galla (, May 10, 2004.

I have the same problem with my Kodak EasyShare camera. In "Video" mode it records in .MOV format, which won't playback on my Windows Media Player. It'll playback through my Kodak software of course, but I'm disappointed that I'm not able to edit my MOV files using the software. The only solution seems to be to convert the file to AVI format. I don't particularly want to install QuickTime on my computer. I downloaded and installed the trial version of WinMPG because I was told that this would allow me to convert up to 5 mins of .MOV to AVI. If I wanted to do more than that I'd need to purchase the full program. What the person failed to tell me was that the trial version has a WinMPG logo in the center of the screen which can't be removed! The only way not to have the logo there is to buy the program. The thing is I don't have enough MOV files to justify me blowing 30 bucks on the full retail version. Anyone know of any similar programs, apart from QuickTime or Apple-related, that are free (and without logos) and would do the job just as well?

-- Jordan Braverman (, May 16, 2004.

Us the Tool Feature search:

Select mov to avi or what ever format you want. There are several software solutions that you may decide on. To find a full working copy try kazaa.

-- video king (, May 16, 2004.

RAD tools converts move to avi but had NO OPTION to convert avi to mov. i've used RAD for years and have never seen such an option so tell me exactly where that is...Quick time PRO won't convert because I can't save...I read your comments on that above, I did find the dumpster exe but guess what..when I click the exe it wont open the just sits there stupidly like I feel. Help would be ppreciated here....

-- dave11 (, May 18, 2004.

I own EO video and it will convert mov to avi and not the other way. switch zip gets the audio but no video.....i got dumpster to open but has no tool bar! I can drag a video into the window but then what? has no open or file buttons etc so the screen just goes white and thats it....geez

-- dave11 (, May 18, 2004.

CONCLUSION: NONE of the above will successfully covert AVI to MOV with the possible exception of cleaner XL which can be found here: toolsearch=&s=&orderby=Name&convert=AVI+to+MOV&dvdauthorfeatures=&Subm it=Search+or+List+tools

You can buy it for a mere $550.00 BUT there IS a trial version I'm trying now.

-- dave11 (, May 18, 2004.

OK, this definately worked. Adobe Premier 6.5. Also got around the write-protect bullshit that made Quicktime Pro useless. Premier will DEFINATELY convert .avi to .mov.

-- dave11 (, May 22, 2004.

Let me just say.. RADTools.exe is sensational..

-- (, May 30, 2004.

Let me just say.. RADTools.exe is sensational.. Go Hawks

-- Denis (, May 30, 2004.

RADTools.exe does not record sound!! This is essential to me when converting my *.mov files to other formats. I tried the tag=st.dl.10001-103-1.lst-7-1.4798087 link to download the Total Recorder 3.0+ program but this only provides a 40-second recording limitation - no good for my needs?!

Anyone know how I can record sound into my newly created *.avi files/movies from the original *.mov file?

Failing that - anyone know of a free converter that will copy the sounds AS WELL AS images??



-- alba (, June 01, 2004.

Hi, Maybe you can try the software named WinAVI video Converter It can converter mov to avi just in 15 minutes with stunning video quality.

-- zjmedia (, June 08, 2004.

I have an Olympus camera which records mov movie files. A registered copy of Quicktime Pro is the way to go. I had no issues converting mov to avi with a reduced resolution, including sound. I tried the free tools in the thread, nothing comes close.

-- Alex Cook (, June 17, 2004.

Just used the RAD tools to convert .mov with compressed audio to an .avi to include in a power point presentation - it worked perfectly!

get the free download at

Don't forget to take time to smell the flowers ;)

-- Steve (, June 30, 2004.

I have tried winAVI, winMPG, video2x... etc... I tried all of them, and then I read the answers on this board about RAD tools... needless to say, I found my answer and stopped my search. Seriously, TRY IT.

-- audamarie (, June 30, 2004.

how do you get the audio to transfer properly from the .mov file to the .avi file? Under the Convert Audio section, what should the settings be? I can't get the sound to come through properly. Thanks in advance

-- outxlaw (, July 07, 2004.


-- Ranjith (, July 09, 2004.

try this site for the audio

-- michael jackson (, July 25, 2004.

where can u get Dumpster ive checked google but all i get is sites about waste!

-- JJ (, August 08, 2004. Ok I have same problem and I haven't tried this yet - BUT read this page (divx-digest usually steers me in the right direction) - It say you use radtools like you all said to do BUT that radtools may or may not convert the sound of your file and it tells you what to do if it doesn't - anyway check it out seems to the answer. I have a very expensive Konica Minolta Diamge Z2 and am flatly dissapointed that it records in .mov too.

-- Tammy (, August 10, 2004.

I used the RAD converter, and it is excellent - the only problem is that my 640x480 movie does not come through on Windows Media Player in full size - it comes through like a 320 movie. Any help for this problem?

-- Magnolia Bd (, August 17, 2004.

That difference in quality may be because of the original file (the mov file), check out on RAD, near the convert file button thereīs another one thar says "file info" or something, whichīll give u the properties of the mov file e.g.: 320x200, if it is so, when u make the convertion donīt put 640x480, because the quality source is not that great, if it were the oposit then u wouldnīt have any problem,put something smaller, and not too far from the original number (in this example 320x200), try to put always 16īs multiples, and try to get as near as u can to a 1,33333 quotient (640/480=1,3333,.....,320/240=1,33333,.....)Iīve tried this and it worked fine. The 1,33333 quotient, and the 16s multiples are parameters for encode in divx, thatīll guarantee the best quality u can get in the conversion to an avi-divx,u have to put them using divxcodec. For xvid, mpeg slow, mpeg fast codecs, etc, I donīt have the slightest idea how to configure them. The web-adress where I get this is the following but ITīS IN SPANISH Anyway goog luck :d

-- (, August 21, 2004.

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