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Hi everybody,

I have a mysterious problem with tmpeg encoder(or AIW PRO card,32 MB)

I tried to make SVCD using my AIW PRO card with a resolution 720 x 480 resolution. I was capturing (MPEG2)720 x 480 with 2900Kbs and then applied tmpeg encoder to make SVCD compliant 480 x 480 /2500Kbs.(because I know my Pioneer 525 can play bit rate more than 2500Kbs). After the encoding I am getting the output MPEG2 stream unchanged, means same as I input to the tmpeg encoder(720 x 480,2900kbs). Could some body help me resolve this problem? Thanks

-- Rakesh Thomas (, September 22, 2000


Make sure you are using the newer version ,1.2 or higher. In settings, make sure the size is right. Right bottom in tmpeg you will see the settings button. After you hit settings it is in the advanced tab, 3rd field down. Make sure you have it set to the right size.

-- The Poorman (, September 23, 2000.

Also the pioneer 525 CANNOT play a bitrate higher then 2500

-- Doug (, September 24, 2000.

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