What do you think & what will U DO about Bill 602P?

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What if all the journal folks were charged 5 cents for every delivered e-mail? Folks, It's "Time for a Revoloution", Boston Tea Party, if you will. There is a bill pending as I write this, that if not stopped, will have a great impact on our e-mail.Will you Stand & fight? For additional info. rejoicebykarla@aol.om

-- KARLEEN MEDARIS (rejoicebykarla@aol.com), September 22, 2000


What is this nonsense? A bill pending where? In the U.S.? Big deal. If they pass it, use an alternate email provider...one that is not based in the U.S.. U.S. legislation does not govern the entire net. Or have I missinterpreted everything? (it has happened once before I think *G*)

-- Tracey (tntnikki@excite.com), September 22, 2000.

Bill 602P is a total hoax. There is no pending tax or possiblity of individual charges for e-mail. Read more here: http://www.urbanlegends.com/ulz/emailtax.html

-- jess (diarist@foxfiremad.com), September 22, 2000.

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