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I found out that there is a time bonus of 100 points times the seconds you have left on the score board if you score more than 11 points before time runs out. that's it.

So if we decide on 60 seconds, we give users a chance to score more points by getting to 12 faster, also i think it makes wjammers more difficult because (even though you have more time to come back) you have to defend your winning score and you also have to prevent the computer from scoring 12 first..

sounds like 60 is good. i just hope the users don't have to hit F2 each recording to do it, i think i was able to save it in the cfg file but that's not removing the cfg before recording which could affect playback, i.e. we may have to allow a standard cfg file for playback...

-- Anonymous, September 21, 2000


with m35tg3 i can't get wjammers to save the settings even when keeping all the init files there after rerunning mame, i believe the setting savings may have been impimented after mame35... hmm this is going to make this game even harder to play because you have to setup the setting each time you play... (i hope i'm just missing something here but it doesn't work for me.)

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2000

Joust also had this problem during Deca2000.

-- Anonymous, September 22, 2000

another note, i've been playing with 30 and with 60 and they seem to be about the same amount of difficulty, with 30 you have the disadvantage of getting behind and not having time enough to beat the other player, with 60 you have the disadvantage of getting ahead and then not being able to defened yout lead for such a long time...

I might suggest we keep it at 30 seconds default, but i think the 60 provides more enjoyment because if you get behind early you at least feel you can make it up. It would certainly be easier to spot setting slauchers (since you have to go to the control screen for each recording) if ben's chkdips can't deterimine the neogeo settings... if it can that would be amazing.

-- Anonymous, September 23, 2000

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