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The link below is from the American Petroleum instutes forcast for the 2000-2001 heating season.In this statement they site local refineries going down in January 2000 as the beginning of the oil crunch problems.I live in the northeast,up until mid January we barely had winter,it was overall one of the mildest I have seen.If we get a "normal" winter this year we will be in big trouble compared to last years problems because the inventories they claim are down 10% from this time last year.This is not a good outlook for those on fixed income who are retired etc.some will be driven from their homes.It will be a choice of being warm/freezing,of keeping/selling their home.In effect we are being robbed without a gun,and it is legal.RIGHT NOW THE LARGE OIL CONGLOMERATES ARE SWIMMING IN MONEY!!!AND AMERICA IS ABOUT TO FACE THE WORST YEAR ON RECORD FOR ENERGY.THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG AT THE TOP.******DONT YOU SEE IT????????? www.api.org/consumer/winterfuels/outlook.html

-- jax (jax@borg.com), September 21, 2000

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