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Remember previous 28 years as corporate graphic designer passionately observing studio photographers wield around those heavy Polaroid backs, great for proofing of detail and exposure. Now that I have given up the security and fortunes of that profession for the love, freedom, and also poverty of landscape photography, my concerns for weight is obviously important, yet so is the need of a proofing system. I have not as yet gone to readyloads, apparently my techniques at self-loading are sufficient, but is there readyload backs that can be used with poloroid film, or is there newer lightweight models of Poloroid back that accept readyloads? At this stage in my new career, I am less concerned about the pure differences between Fuji and Kodak ,or whoever, than I am about function, lightweightness, simplicity. Obviously in time I will make the more defined decisions as to which exact film to use, though I prefer negative over positive. I apologize if my questions are overly obvious to most of you, but cannot afford much to experiment with gear that functionally does not make it into

-- Gary Albertson (, September 21, 2000


If it helps, the newer Polaroid 545i back, and the new 545 back with built-in timer are plastic and might be somewhat lighter. Nothing else that I know of that does Polaroid and pre-loaded film packets.

-- Rob Tucher (, September 21, 2000.

If I'm right you could try a 500 or 405 pack film holder - Ithink, while they are slightly bulkier than their single sheet cousins, they are predominantly plastic, and are lighter.

-- David Kirk (, September 22, 2000.

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