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What did I do wrong? I have installed WS FTP onto my PC. I executed the program and got connected via my mindspring connection But how do I get to the Apollo server? Where do I type it? In the Remote System side, I tried the button on the right ChgDir, assuming that was change directories, but that did not work. I got a message that the Apollo folder was not found Any suggestions?

-- Kate Lucas (, September 20, 2000


Hmmm. It sounds like you are using WS_FTP to connect to Mindspring. Let's review the basics (and please forgive me, but I'm on a Mac right now and don't have WS_FTP in front of me):

There are two parts to using the Internet. First, you connect. This is where you have the computer dial the phone and log into your server (such as Mindspring).

Second, you log into the SFSU server (or any other computer you want). So now, after you've used your login program for Mindspring, you launch WS_FTP and put in the following information:

host: leave the popdown menu as it is userid: your username at SFSU (i.e. jahollen) password: your SFSU password

The right window should have all of the information from your SFSU Internet account, including the public_html folder.

Now, if this didn't make sense, we can go over it next week in class. I have a PC in the classroom we can use. But I hope this helped.

-- John Hollenbeck (, September 21, 2000.

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