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I am just learning the image transfer process. I am using a mamiya RB camera with a polaroid back and making the transfer straight from the camera. I am only getting the picture in a square in the middle, with black borders around the outside, is there anyway to avoid this? Any suggestions appreciated.

-- Kerri Vernon (, September 20, 2000


The Mamiya RB records a 2-1/4 square format and that is what you will get on the film. It doesn't matter what size your film is, you will always get the 2-1/4" size. If you could use the Polaroid back on a 35mm camera you would get a 35mm format on the Polaroid film. The black borders you see is the unexposed f

-- Cynthia Davis (, September 20, 2000.

That last sentence was supposed to read "unexposed film". Anyway, if you want to photograph through the camera instead of using slides, then you should be using a Polaroid camera designed for the film or maybe go up to a 4x5 format and use the 4x5 Polaroid 559 film. But that is expensive. I'd shoot 35mm slides and use the DayLab or Slide Pri

-- Cynthia Davis (, September 20, 2000.

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