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I'm very pleased to see that there is still a strong underground of support for Aeon Flux despite the unforunate (but probably inevitable) cancellation of the TV series and the games. I recently hit a rememberance for Aeon Flux, which I witnessed from its first airing on LTV and through all the episodes of the 'third season' on MTV. I'd always liked Aeon Flux in the simple visual sense up until about the middle of the season when I realized how deep the thinking had been that went into this.

To my knowledge, there has never been so beautifully rendered the model of the triad of leader, follower, and individual. The A, B, and C of of human nature. A is like C, only A is willing to lie to and manipulate B. C refuses to play this game and considers A an obstuction to Bs evolving into Cs. A secretly loves C, but cannot have C because C cannot be led. A tries hard to make Bs into "false Cs" but fails because Bs can't be Cs unless they are outside As influence. Bs are taught to fear Cs, and go after them with torches, ironically never realizing that As are just Cs without any ethics about individual freedom.

What I like most about Aeon Flux though is how impartially this triangle is dealt with. No one is black and white here. The sort of freedom Aeon represents is not for everyone (IE: Onan). In a world that's still full of irresponsible followers, it would take a long time for Darwin to sort out the stupid from the responsible -- and who knows how much collateral damage would be caused as it's sorted out (CF. Drunk Driving). Trevor takes advantage of this ready supply, and plays his God game with them instead of just managing himself alone (which is what would make him an individual instead of a leader). Trevor /at least/ represents the highest moral value a leader could ever have. A fair number of leaders are merely insane followers which the entrenched system has catapulted to the top out of simple process and not of actual need.

I don't think it takes much to understand why Aeon Flux didn't become incredibly popular with the masses. It gives a message they surely do not wish to hear. And, unfortunately, individuals are a little less likely to plop down money for the advertizers as mindlessly as followers are... Aeon Flux is not for the followers. And I'm afraid they vastly outnumber us since we've really been breeding for that trait the last two thousand years. Aeon Flux may not just be ahead of its time, it might well never have its time -- at least until there really is some semblance of a "Monican" civilization as opposed to a subculture.

In any event, to Mr. Chung: You are a brilliantly deep and philsophical individual, with possibly one of the most direct and uncompromising creative visions ever brought to the mass media. For that, I am very grateful. Your work will always be special to me. I thank you for bringing this to those of us who would recognize the complex and thoughful questions you have brought up about what it is that makes us human.

-- (, September 20, 2000


Well put... however, I'm not sure that Aeon's brand of rugged individualism is the path to freedom. Look at Ayn Rand... how many people did she free? If only a select few people can be truly "free", then isn't freedom just another word for power?

Maybe some C's are really disguised A's. The phrase "leader of the pack" comes to mind...

-- Paul (, September 24, 2000.

I've never heard of this triad of leader, follower, individual. Is this part of some philosopher's dissertation? My father used to say the masses are asses. Whenever an individual goes against the masses he must say "but.." and individualist Aeon is well loved for her "but.." as evidenced by some of the recent posts here.

-- Barb e. (, September 25, 2000.

I'm not entirely sure where the idea has its roots, but it's rather popularly mentioned around Subgenius or Discordian circles.

As someone mentioned, I suppose it's possible that some Cs are merely denied As, but then they aren't true Cs. True Cs wants nothing to do with controlling the masses. They shatter the methods used to control the masses, and then the masses have to think for themselves, for better or worse. Hopefully towards a path of enlightenment but if it means towards destroying themselves, then it's better than being someone else's toy. The problem that Cs see is as long as there are loads and loads of Bs, Cs have to live in a world with less and less freedom because of the A's need to prevent Bs from getting themselves hurt from thier own lack of responsible thought which is passed down from unchallenged generation to generation.

-- (, September 26, 2000.

Well, I fit into the category 'subgenius' but how 'sub' I won't say, except that it is DARK down here at times. Fascinating theory, here's my take, I don't think freedom is always connected to leadership. After all, sometimes quality of mind is a consideration, I gladly will follow when the leader is good, in fact, I will devote myself to a good leader. Also I fear the general population, when forced to decide for themselves, may make decisions like head over a cliff in a group resembling lemmings, or maybe watch lots of mtv....

-- Barb e. (, September 27, 2000.

New shows, that is, like Dexter's lab, rap-o-rama, ect...

-- Barb e. (, September 27, 2000.

Barb, it just so happens that I was reading John S. Mill's "On Liberty" today, and your post was eerily similar to the ideas expressed in that book. He says that mass rule can be just as dangerous as a dictatorship, if not more so (back in 1859, this was a very provocative idea), and personally, I think he's right.

I believe that we are evolving into a heterogenous, post-tribal, world society... but if certain conditions are not met, we will get sidetracked from that goal and wind up living in a McWorld, or worse. And as much as I distrust institutions, we need them to protect us from the alpha males. You don't have to be a world leader in order to manipulate people; all you need is an intellect, some cojones (literal or figurative), and no morals. The lemming analogy is a good one, most people are still behaving in archetypal animal fashion in archetypal animal situations (the 4 F's: food, fighting, fucking and fear). At least that's how I see it. Thanks, greenmuse, Barb, people like you give me hope that we can still shed the monkey.

-- Paul (, September 27, 2000.

Isn't John Stuart Mills the father of Libertarianism? I have the impression that they don't want much government interference, I'm not very informed, politically, but this is how I see the parties; the Republicans don't want government interference because they have the big bucks, and if the government is involved they will pay for it with taxes; so reduce government spending with the eye on you're bank account, the Democrats want to increase your taxes with the promise of, 'hey, plenty of bureaus to protect the little guy', only I suspect that if I personally handled all the transactions I'd find the money is filtered out the back door to some Democrats, (for eg.; congress a few years back with all their 'perks'), the libertarians are looking for liberty all right, so they can behave licentiously. There are very few Abraham Lincoln's in this world, there was only one Jesus. Paul, I thank you for the compliment, but in reality my opinions usually make everyone furious, I try to keep them to myself, I'm a purist, and I believe in love, and I can usually spot a phony a mile away. The song by James Taylor, "Only a dream in Rio" was actually about how he went to Rio on the day of elections, held for the first time in 100 years, and they had been under a tyrant, and now believed they had a choice. However, it turned out both guys were looking to be new tyrants, probably. But he was touched by the idealism of a people trodden, and their 'upturned faces'. The liberty our forefathers fought for in this country, because England and France were just a nightmare, well, those were men in my book, going to death for the ideal of freedom. Where is this beautiful idealism today? The ideas of the 1800's were impressive and stunning even when I disagree, they had some great minds back then. Oh well, I'm going on and on, sorry, but I have no answers, just observations. But I do like the topic opened up here, and the ABC theory is interesting, big question is why does A love C?

-- Barb e. (, September 29, 2000.

Well Barb E. as a libertarian I resent being labeled but not to worry I also forgive. I wouldn't think all of us libertarians want to be naughty. I have a strong code of ethics that I try to work inside of all the time. This particular code may leave me in bad situations as I won't "often" tell even white lies. However at the end of the day I feel a real satisfaction. You do have some points right many C's are just misfits. Look at Ibiza, the island with almost no laws and sadly its just a party spot. Most humanoids do indeed piss away most freedom that they are given. This doesn't mean that we should lower our standards for the corrupted. I submit to you and our ABC freind that people could change if more options were avalaible to them. We(North America), and the rest of the world are handed only a limited number of thinking patterns to deal with and rest is considered fringe. Think about that Rio dealy your speaking of, the people can't win no matter what. Corruption here corruption there and these are our suposed opposites. Take Communism and Democracy one takes you money and gives it back to you. The other takes a portion your money. Even fascism is like this. We are given only centralized control as options, and the people who truely are in power play them off one another, to create patriotism and fear. These make it easy to drag countries into war. The key to being a libertarian is to take that kind of mind/body control away so even the weak minded aren't made into suckers. I personaly will never bow to a human(even Chung), or ever go to war. I maintain loyalty to my family(I'm not in the mafia) but thats about it. One or two final thoughts love is the way. The crimes people commit against one another are similar to the crimes goverments commit against its citizens, even the "free" ones, only the gov't tells you to expect it. A's love C's because they are in way kindred, both unwilling to be controlled. Anyway I hope Mr. ABC thinks I'm right about that.

-- Nadar (, September 29, 2000.

You won't OFTEN tell white lies?

-- Barb e. (, September 30, 2000.

I choose, the word often because it is not a lie, see I could have looked much more noble if only I lied. But as for me I'm not perfect, I'm flawed, I'm weak, and cowardly at times. Doesn't stop me from trying to grow!

-- NAdar (, September 30, 2000.

Just putting you on, Nadar. Wow, you need to play some pool or something to calm down. Primarily I was thinking of the ones who are in a big hurry to draft the laws, or bills. Of course, I never have told a lie in my life.

-- Barb e. (, September 30, 2000.

Play pool I think I will, I need to calm down. You know when I wrote that I was hardly exited, I was running a fever and feeling mighty low. I feel better now and are you sure you've never lied? Anyway recently my boss said to me,"I lie all the time.". This basicly killed all the respect I had for him, a man 25 yrs. my senior and he seemed to have stoped growing during his teens. Sad isn't it. Some humans just don't think, he works hard, worries, raises kids, but seems to refect no real moral standard. This to me reflects Paul's 4F's fairly well(He told Me this because I upset a customer when I could have lied and kept her happy). Stating that you lie is a phrase that is always true. To me thats too ironic for words!

-- NAdar (, October 01, 2000.

Thanks for bringing up the libertarians, and draging me into this post.

-- NAdar (, October 01, 2000.

Yes I'm telling the truth, I even sleep standing up, I was born falling from my mom to the floor...I take only showers...

-- Barb e. (, October 01, 2000.

My body has never been in a lying state.

-- Barb e. (, October 01, 2000.

Just come across this site. I am currently doing a dissertation on Balearic hedonism and am applying John Mill's utilitarianism in some ways to it. Someone said ibiza has no laws but is wasted as a party spot-have you ever been?!. Visiting the island a few times and researching my topic you will find that Ibiza is a lot more than a party island. It has many traditions and the Ibicencos are famous for their tolerance and freedom. The reason it is a 'party' island is because of its freedom and you'll find it to be one of the most relaxed individual havens for people fed up of the law abiding popular culture of today!

-- caroline routledge (, March 19, 2003.

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