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I've written about my getting an important piece of information. Have you had any similar experiences with instructions?

-- Becky (, September 20, 2000


Sometimes when I worked in a power plant, after trying fruitlessly to dig the information I needed out of those %*+%^&#%^@*#@ Tech Manuals and finally deciding it just was't there I would call a person working the same job I was in another power plant in the system and finding out who had experienced the same problem and would ususally get the appropriate answer. Although tech information is in one of a company's tech publications, it is usually not in the manual in use by the people working on that particular thing. Our last resort of course was to call Engineering at the head office, once in a while we would get a good answer and at other times we could expect a Corporate Engineer coming up to do study on it.

-- Denver doug (, September 25, 2000.

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