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There will be no editors meeting this Sunday. Well... you can have one - but I'm not attending.

The reason is I have invited everyone to attend a meeting at IRC Sunday at 9pm. I have several things I want to discuss.

By myself. Yes - PLEASE do NOT show up at this meeting. I feel this may add tension to the players(and yes - there is a LOT of tension with some - I want to keep it as low as possible.) - so I'm going to deal with this myself - being a more neutral editor.

Again - PLEASE do NOT show up at this meeting. Please trust me in this issue. Thank you for your attention. GB9

-- Anonymous, September 19, 2000


thank gb9, i hope you can jangle the reigns with your conversation and turn the attitude into playing the games and not complaining, you know i won't be there since i could hardly connect to attend the last weeks meeting. In retrospect i do fear we were rushing things in choosing the T5 games, even though it seems it took us long enough to discuss what games should be played in the next olympics. there are obviously an inordinate amount of shooters, but if we had only a few shooters per tournament we'd have too many non-shooter games...

-- Anonymous, September 20, 2000

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