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anyone noe of a good price fer nikon fm2n body? or any othe rtype? my budget 500.. i noe very little cos im looking fer lenses as well, preferably zoom 2nd hand or new(preferably). also looking fer a "master" or guide to help an intermediate photographer (me) to greater heights. currently own a minolta 404si which im gonna give to my gf pls reply.

any photo outings?

-- mohd noor hishamuddin (, September 19, 2000


I own a NIKON FM2 body (not fm2n) and lens (35mm and 105mm) If you're keen or know someone who's interested, pls email me. Price complete with MD12 motor and 2 lens (as above) and tripod/flash incredibly low at S$1800. My total investment was $4000. Cash and carry.

-- Mr Tam (, April 21, 2003.

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