Where can I get lensboards for Burke & James 4 X 5?

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I need lensboards, both flat and recessed, for the Burke & James ORBIT 4 X 5 (Red Bellows)center drilled. I am also interested in series 8 filters and some good deals on a 75mm or a 90mm, and a 210mm or 250mm. Thanks!

-- John Somers (ballyknockan@juno.com), September 19, 2000



Get in touch with Albert Bowker at 303.650.1984. He made three lens boards for my Calumet Woodfield 4X5. He does a great job. He makes the lensboards out of ABS plastic, indistructable. He usually needs a sample. If you don't have one, call him.

Check photo.net for the lenses. Yo can also try e-bay. I have bought a few lenses from Jacks' Camera at: http://www.jackscamera.com/UsedFrameSet.htm and you can try Midwest Photo at: http://www.mpex.com/current_index.htm.

I hope this helps.

-- Louis Hirsch (jbressick@earthlink.net), September 20, 2000.

Stephen Shuart, who advertises in Shutterbug, makes lens boards for most cameras. I bought one from him and it was nicely done and fit fine.

-- Brian Ellis (bellis4505@earthlink.net), September 20, 2000.

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