Hisa Chan's Starforc Outstanding Recording

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Well I've been patiently waiting this recording for several months and it was certainly worth the wait. Starforc is a game that I know quite well (my all time favourite) and I've never seen it played this well before.

There are several facets of Hisa-Chan's recording that strike me. The first is that he is able to sustain an incredibly rapid rate of fire. I will never be able to shoot that quickly except for very small bursts for short periods. This factor accounts for many of the "Special bonus" (big ship bonus) and "Great bonus" (vertical line of arrows) that contributed to Hisa-Chan's mammoth score. Well done!

The other striking factor was the ease which which Hisa-Chan was able to dodge myriad bullets and enemies. Many times as I was watching I would be saying "there's no gap, he's f#@*ed", only to watch in amazement as he managed to find a gap somewhere.

I did notice some similarity between our gameplay styles. I noticed that Hisa-Chan lost his space ships usually in the same areas where I lose mine when I play. Basically we both find the same areas difficult (trapped by a mass of bullets with no way out), however Hisa-Chan simply outplays me through better dodging, faster firepower and a cooler head.

Note that Hisa-Chan lost all but his last life in a small interval of the game, basically the last quarter of the entire enemy pattern (usually levels 18-24, known as the "hard quarter"). This is typical. You can't overemphasise the difficulty of this section of the game - it is wicked. I have only completed this section twice after many years of trying.

He was able to make a mini-comeback after the hard quarter to regain 2 lives. Of course they went quickly when he hit the hard quarter the 2nd time.

Some miscellaneous notes of this awesome recording:

1. Every free life from question marks obtained (never seen it done before)

2. All Special Bonuses obtained.

3. In the 3rd section of Great Bonuses he dies through being greedy for another bonus. Nice to know even Hisa-Chan can make mistakes :-)

4. He wraps the background map 1.75 times and enemy pattern 1.5 times.

5. He obtained 2 Cleoptatra's (1 Million bonus). Never seen this done before.

6. He dies just after starting the hard quarter for the second time.

I urge everyone to check this fantastic inp out.

-- Tim Morrow (tjmorrow@bigpond.com), September 19, 2000


thanks. but 4,602,300 is mere 1st-day's play of daily starforce.

I continue to play this game everyday until 10million.

P.S. This rom is a little differ from my rom but very similler to X68 version's.

-- Rank-67 (weavuspert@yahoo.co.jp), September 19, 2000.

I want to see a picture of Hisa-Chan! I think he's a full robot (BBH is half, while I'm fully a dork) :)

-- Vaz (mrvaz@inwind.it), September 19, 2000.

I have nothing more to say than congratulations Hisa! You have done it again! Great recording!



-- QRS (qrs@telia.com), September 19, 2000.

Incredible rapid rate of fire indeed. 50% of the shots were done within 2 frames or less. That's 30+ shots a second. I go for the robot theory...

-- (foo@bar.com), September 19, 2000.

wowowowowowowowowowowowowow. cant even crack 200k myself or get the special bonus(es)... next i'd like to see him do a flying shark recording... congrats anyway

-- david oliver (davedude1414@yahoo.com), September 19, 2000.

DAY2(SEPT.19) results. (SCORE=3,518,800:AREA=31).

-- sf.replayer (weavuspert@yahoo.co.jp), September 19, 2000.


-- sf-challenger (weavuspert@yahoo.co.jp), September 20, 2000.

day4(sept.21) result:(Score=3,397,500:Area=37)

-- sf. (weavuspert@yahoo.co.jp), September 21, 2000.


-- sf.replayer (weavuspert@yahoo.co.jp), September 22, 2000.

Day6,7 I go to the camp.(now camping)

-- sf.replayer (weavuspert@yahoo.co.jp), September 23, 2000.

Day 7, 8: Lay them straight

Day 9, 10: A big fat hen

-- Sir M. Goose (null@nowhere.com), September 23, 2000.

Of course not over.

Day 37 (Oct 27) 7,451,600 Area=56.

-- Hisa-Chan (weavuspert@yahoo.co.jp), October 26, 2000.

My work is finished!
I think very good player can do this game forever.
thank you very much tim and see you later.

-- Hisa-Chan (weavuspert@yahoo.co.jp), October 29, 2000.

Wow. 10 million. Not much else needs to be said really.

Except, you wouldn't be any good at Twinkle Star Sprites, would you? (Hopefully not. ;) )

-- Barry Rodewald (bsr@hn.pl.net), October 29, 2000.

By the stupid reason,I have to try this game again.
Goal: 20 million points.
Target:All version of starforce.
Dec 27,2001 =Day 0/

-- Novice@Team2ch (weavuspert@yahoo.co.jp), December 27, 2001.

If I may give an advice ... starforc is very well emulated under m35tg so you should use this version to avoid any future "attack"

-- phil (plamat@club-internet.fr), December 27, 2001.

m35tg has 2 big problem.
1--playstation controller can not work on it.(can not use -psxlpt1)
2--....hey! do you really have this rom??
I wonder why I have to play "difficulty+2(super expert) mode!"factory default setting is difficulty 0(normal).
I can get 2 million or so at difficulty+2 but maybe impossible to get 5M for W.R. holder without "invinsible trick".
thanks phil. but I do not care future attack.
I own these rom and can prove anytime.


-- Novice (weavuspert@yahoo.co.jp), December 28, 2001.

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