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I need Cacophonists in London. That's in England. People interested in playing Smuggler in really, really really crowded places then having drunken revelry after that. Urban Exploration. Standing on street corners doing quadratic equations for spare change. Come play? Mail me.

-- Miss Davalos (, September 18, 2000


i stand everywhere to grasp for spare change, empress, norton anti-virus, by symantecal roadblocks leading past the injunctions of psychedelically disporportionistic accept ability...


-- angeldustar (, September 21, 2000.

London. London is in England. London is the Capital of England. Here in London there is no Cacophony, there is little cacophony, but the absence of cacophony brings complete cacophony. Everything is madly noise, everything is painfully so, the silence is so loud that you can barely hear the noise. Try a subway train at commutertime. Here in London there are pineapples, prickly pears, and all the fruits of the globe, slaughtered and laid out to die at Liverpool Street station. Come fly with me, come fly with me. The fruit of life is being sold, one ninety-five for you sir, and would you like a bag?

-- Simon (, December 20, 2001.

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