If Hollywood entered the Olympics...

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Yes, i'm stealing this from a local radio station, but i enjoyed the question.

Pretend Hollywood is a country (you mean it isn't?!) and they're competing in the Olympics. Who would you enter and for which sport?

Personally, i think that with the Die Hard trilogy under his belt, Bruce Willis would be the obvious choice for the Triathlon.

And hey, maybe "Top Gun" is old news now, but really, can you think of any pair that would be better suited for the beach volleyball competition than Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards? And we'll just put Val Kilmer on as a sub.

I know there must be something for Ben Affleck. Is there an Olympic sport that simply involves standing around and looking good?

-- Sherry (sherina@masc.ca), September 18, 2000


Demi Moore would win gold in the 'being the most stupid person in the world' event. The Olympic commitee should invent the event just for her, but then again it would not be fair on the other competitors, because she would always win. No wait, Madonna may actually be a very strong contender, she is so stupid it causes me pain to she and hear her, I once smashed up my radio when one of her stupid songs came on because it would have taken to long to retune or turn down the volume.

-- John Bongiovi (monoflourophosphate4@hotmail.com), September 25, 2000.

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