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How much do you think PMS affects you (or, if you're a man, women in general)? Do you think you are somewhat absolved for your emotional state due to your hormones? Do you think if you hurt someone, emotionally or physically, you should still be held responsible? To the same degree? If you do hurt others emotionally during this time, what are your solutions? Just do it and worry about it later? Lock yourself up in a room and don't speak to anyone for 5-7 days? I'm very interested in what you all have to say on this one.

-- Jenna (, September 18, 2000


Lock em up! Lock all PMSed women up. Just Kidding. I believe women are truest during their periods. It's when we take all our frusterations and are truly honest about them. Whether or not they make sense, doesn't matter. It's about releasing everything..physically and emotionally. If women were to go quarterly then we would really lose our minds when it came time to release all the unwanted garbage that we can't use. I'll be honest, I had a period after 6months of not having one due to my birth control, and I nearly lost it. My husband nearly called the authorities on me. It had been too long with out that release of hormones and everything else. It was like a volcano that blew it's top (I mean that figuritively (I think)) I think had I had a monthly cycle it wouldn't have been nearly as bad. Back in the precivilization days, I believe women were banned from the community when they had their period. I wish I could be banned..sent away from all responsibility because of it. The cure is water. (not really, but it's good for you anyway) Drink lots of water and call me in the morning.

-- Stephanie Brown (, September 18, 2000.

it just depends on what you're trying to defend. if you snap at someone, yes, i think it's a valid defense. if you off someone while you're PMS'ing, no, i wouldn't say that you've got yourself a valid defense. :o)

-- jess (, September 23, 2000.

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