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hi, i come from Denmark, I am 18 years old. I am right now writing about San Francisco. I just can4t find some thing about the history of the different cultures i SF. I hope you can help me!


-- Birgitte Neupart (0201bn@post.kkhs.dk), September 18, 2000



Start with the Castro District. In the Early 1800's it was the center of Scandenavian culture in San Francisco. Many of the houses were built by carpenters from Danish ships. The Lutheran Church in the Castro was built around 1905 with a contribution from the Danish Crown. The current association with the Castro and Hot Tubs comes with the various steam baths found in the Castro Area in the 1900's.

One of the largest buildings in the Castro is the Swedish American Hall. A recent delicatessen that just left the area was called the Swedish Deli.

Goiod Luck

Good Luck

-- KURT IVERSEN (IVERSENK@AOL.COM), September 23, 2000.

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