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I follow all the instructions for developing b&w negatives, but after a number of attempts, my negatives come out clear (see through). Where am I going wrong?????

I have recently bought all the equipment second hand and was wondering if the chemicals could go out of date (could this be the reason?).

On each attempt I have varied the developing times but the result is always the same.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I am keen to get my darkroom working.



-- nat mendham (, September 18, 2000


Hmmm... That's interesting, I don't think outdated chem will render a negative completely clear. did you mixed the chem yourself? how do you know the are even chem and what concentration are they?

for a couple of dollar, I would start with a fresh batch of chem. most chem don't last more than a few months. if that still doesn't work. check your camera.

Hope this help.

-- alex siu (, August 08, 2001.

Sounds like you have a real problem there. I am finishing up a high school class for photography, and i have personally come across the same problems. In my case I changed the F-stop on the enlarger. i made the amount of light less reach the paper. So you might try just the opposite. Make the amount of light that reaches your paper greater. That should help, if it doesn't help then you might try to get in touch with my teacher, Mr. Clark. The phone number is (219) 562-2131. I am not sure what the extension he is at but I am pretty sure that the people who answer the call will be able to help you out.

hope you find the answer to your problem.

Joshua E. Smith

-- Joshua E. Smith (, January 01, 2002.

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