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I have a couple of HK VCD in PAL format. I also have a Panasonic DVD player (A-100). What is the best way to convert it to NTSC so I can watch it on my DVD player? In other words, can I rip the VCD and create a new CD-R in NTSC?

Thank you for your time

-- John Legume (, September 18, 2000


Yes, use vcdgear to grab the mpg, and then use tmpgnec to re-encode it down to ntsc.

-- eric (, September 19, 2000.

Most newer DVD players will play both PAL or NTSC VCD's. The PAL format will cut off the bottom 1/6 of the screen.

-- Steve Kirk (, September 21, 2001.

PAL cuts off bottom 1/6 of the image? What a load of rubbish...

PAL resolution is higher (i.e. more lines) than NTSC. If anything, you'd notice a blank strip at the bottom if your NTSC/PAL conversion isn't working properly, eg. if the image isn't being remapped to take advantage of the higher lines/screen.

-- Eric Sommers (, December 18, 2001.

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