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I am unable to upload to the SF State server using my DSL line. I am able to use it to upload to my ISP's server. Is there some setting I need to adjust or is there some "firewall" type issue or ???? I have no trouble using dial-up.

-- Bruce Jacobs (bjacobs@peralta.cc.ca.us), September 17, 2000


There is no firewall at SFSU, and there should be no problem uploading. Be sure you're logging into:

host: apollo.sfsu.edu username: your email name (i.e. jahollen) password: your email password.

If this is not working, tell me what the error message is. Also, you might call SFSU computing services at (415) 338-1420 just to be sure there's no screwy reason for this.

-- John Hollenbeck (jahollen@sfsu.edu), September 18, 2000.

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