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What advantages, in practical terms, does the Linhof Master Technika have over the Super Technika V?

Apart from the ability to flip up the top front for scrunching up the bellows for wide angle, and a bit more in terms of movements?, and of course Tech V's suffereing from age to some degree or other, is there any major difference between the two. Is there any great disadvantage to going with the V because it's obviously cheaper used (apart from the weird colour..)?

(BTW, please don't get into the whole - why don't you look at Canham, Ebony etc etc! Among other things, I need a camera with a rangefinder, so it limits it a bit... And I already have a camera with plenty of movements)

Also, thanks to all those who responded to my question about shutter speeds and people moving through an interior - waitng for the film back so we'll see

Tim A

-- tim atherton (, September 16, 2000


The flip top is the principal outward difference. However, Linhof also made some internal changes that aren't obvious to the eye. For example, the internal mechanism for the knobs that control opening and closing the back is different on the Master than on the V. This isn't important unless you have a problem and then you learn that Linhof no longer makes the parts for the V's knob system. I would guess that there are other internal things like that but the knob is the only one I know of. Basically, I think that with the Master you're getting a newer camera and one for which you can be assured that parts will be available if problems arise. You don't have that assurance with the V.

With respect to the weird color of the V, Linhof actually made some Vs with black covering just like the Master. You don't see them too often but they are out there. I acquired mine from MidWest.

-- Brian Ellis (, September 17, 2000.

The 2 main differences are age and the increased wide angle ability from the flap.

As for age the newest V will be a quarter century old next year so things specific to the V are becoming scarce - or non existant like the body covering. The lack of availability of the body covering material in any co;or but black is the reason why there are black covered V cameras. They were simply recovered.

Bo also be aware that the price of the black finished model of the Master has a reuced price.

-- Bob Salomon (, September 17, 2000.

I have the greatest respect for Bob's knowledge of Linhof equipment and very much appreciate the help he has given me from time to time. However, no one is perfect and I believe he is wrong when he says that any black Technika V necessarily has been recovered rather than coming from the factory that way. He told me this about my camera some time ago so I asked the factory about it. Here's the factory's response:

From: Linhof Date: Monday, February 21, 2000 Subject: Technika V 4x5 Camera

Dear Sir:

The black covering could be original from the factory. The Super Technika V was produced with tan and black covering for some years. With best regards i.A. Chr. Nehring

-- Brian Ellis (, September 17, 2000.

In my experience with the various Technika cameras(I own a late III) I have found that the newer design posts for the rear movements do not support the back as well as the heavier posts on the V and earlier cameras. If for example you needed to pull out the back for increased bellows extension the back will tend to sag! Not exactly ideal for image control.

You will find a greater range of front movement with the Master Technika but for most purposes the older cameras will have plenty of range. I do miss not having front tilt on my III(it does move back 15 degrees for the drop bed, which does come in handy once in a while) but I gain greater flexibility in using my 90 Super Angulon, that is I have unrestricted use of my movements, and my 90 is on a flat board. This is not the case with any later camera, the IV, V and Master all have restricted use of swing ans shift in particular.

-- Jeffrey Scott (, September 18, 2000.

The Master Technica 45 (in production from 1972) is slightly improved the V: Master has a synthetic bellows, a top body flap for extra movements with wide angles (shorter than 90mm), some internal changes, a black leatherette, and a little more movements than the V. But these improvements cost about $7000!!! (body only). The V does the job for a lot less, though, search pinholes in bellows. Best,

-- Victor Randin (, September 20, 2000.

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