What Was Poe's lifelong Dream?

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I want to know What was Edgar Allen Poe's lifelong dream?

-- Anonymous, September 16, 2000


they say his fantasy was to own a magazine of his own

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2000

I think Poe's dream was to know wait awaited people after death.

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2000

While it would be reasonably accurate to say that Poes wishes and desires were not discernibly different from those of his contemporaries, this speaks strictly to those personal longings we all share as humans. Yet, after reading numerous biographies over the years, if there is any single issue that remains consistent among them all, well or poorly researched, it is that Edgar Allan Poe craved, above all else, his own literary independence. Known primarily as a brilliant literary critic, author and master of the short story form, he was not broadly recognized for his poetry until the publication of The Raven in 1845.

Poe saw this independence in the publication and management of his own magazine. Originally called the Penn Magazine for which he wrote a prospectus as early as June of 1840, it was to be edited and published in Philadelphia. This name was later changed to The Stylus sometime around 1843.


-- Anonymous, September 18, 2000

To make his rent.

-- Anonymous, October 01, 2000

start his own magazine- the stylus

-- Anonymous, November 07, 2000

Poe's goal in life was to please his adoptive father, James Allen. That is where the "Allen" in his name comes from. It is also why he attended West Point and the University of Virginia. Poe was never truely able to acomplish that.

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2001

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