"mars light" on P2K Alco PA

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on the P2K Alco PA, anybody have any info about retaining the stock bulb & circuit board connections for the mars light, but controlling it thru F1, or am I better off putting in a new bulb & just using the green wire (or whatever wire is for F1) and the blue & bypassing the stock circuit board?

-- Larry Keller (kellers@rjsonline.net), September 16, 2000


A lot depends on what brand decoder you are using. Some have better Mars FX then the stock board, others do not.

Any way if you want to use the stock Mar's light, on the HO P2K PA it is connected to pin 3 of the NMRA socket. All you have to do is connect the desired function you want to use to pin 3 of the NMRA plug, it should or more then likely does not have any wire connected there now.

On non-FX decoders like the Digitrax DH121 series, it is very common to jump pin 3 to pin 2 the Yellow F0R function, then set CV61 to 01 to re-map F0R to the Yellow wire. Now F0F is controlled by F0 and the Mar's light by F4, all regardless of direction.Remember Always Have Fun and Enjoy!, Don Crano Akron, Oh NMRA #096211 mailto:donc@sssnet.com Visit Model Railroading with DCC at: http://pages.sssnet.com/donc/ Join Model Railroading with DCC Web Ring.

-- Don Crano (donc@sssnet.com), September 16, 2000.

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