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We have several ideas floating in the air. Sometimes too many cooks will spoil the food, So it might be a good idea to summarize them so that we can make a better decision. The ideas are listed in the order that they are presented to the group.

1. server performance measurement system by Amy. the system utilize database to store measured data and report the performance to the admin.

2. scheduler by KaiZhen. the scheduler allocate time and location for each cources for the university.

3. chess board game by Andy. a networkable board game.

4. a accounting system for internet games by Johny. system allow users to login and logout to play games on the net. (johny, i am not sure i remember your ideas correctly)

5. scheduler by JeeWung. the scheduler help students make their academic plans.

6. automatic calender by Angie. the system make a calender for the whole semester with the input of new classes schedule. (Angie, I am not sure I remember your ideas correctly. )

7. computerized puzzle by KaiZhen. transform some puzzles into a computer program that provides a graphical user interface.

8. a accademic version of monopoly game by Andy. the detailed version is in the previous posting.

Please feel free to make correction and add new ideas.

-- Anonymous, September 16, 2000

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