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You pick one. Ask a question.

-- Jenna (, September 15, 2000



What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

-- Bob (, September 19, 2000.

You are the realest person I know.

-- Jenna (, September 19, 2000.

Your emotions aren't like a wad of spit in a puddle, they are more like tsunami on an anthill. (I think this was a good thing..I think)

-- Stephanie Brown (, September 19, 2000.

it's a toss up between these two:

"i love you just the way you are." (and he really meant it too!) or "you've got the most incredibly beautiful soul."

-- jess (, September 23, 2000.

oh yeah, and what jenna said too. i nearly died when someone told me that i was "the realest person" they know. jenna, i can so agree with that one!

-- jess (, September 23, 2000.

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