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I just got a new idea!

We can write a Monopoly-like Berkeley board game.

The details I have in mind are as follow: Basic change: Instead of paying $$ to buy lands, we pay tuition fee to take a class. The properties are academic ranks & money.

1. At start we're all freshman. (or there could be 2 type of game. Transfer student could be a shorter one.) And in the game the player's status can be changed - TA, Bachelor, Master, Dr, Lecturer, Assosicate Prof, Department head, Chancellor, blah blah.. according to the game progress.

2. Each time a player pass "GO", s/he collects Financial Aid if s/he is a student. Otherwise collect salary.

3. The 4 sides are divided into 4 schools - L&SC, Chemistry(?), Business, & Engineering. Each side is divided into different majors.

4. Some blocks are special location like department office.

5. A player has to take at least 1 class at different side before graduating. (GE!!) And if s/he takes enough class in certain major, s/he graduate and move to another status- bachelor in that major. Of course, you have to PAY tuition fee for taking classes.

6. Players can move up to Master, Dr, Lecture, blah blah using similar rules.

7. A bachelor, Master or Dr can apply to be a TA if s/he drops by the department office.

8. A faculty member including TA collects $$ from a player who is lower in academic rank and steps on his block(major).

9. If a player gets all Dr degree from a single school, s/he becomes the dean. And If a player is Dean of more than 2 school, s/he becomes the vice-chancellor. If s/he is Dean of all four, s/he becomes the chancellor and the game should probably end.

10. Academic rank can be sold for $$$ =D

11. There can be several game objectives.. $$ grabbing, Academic rank chasing..

The above is just a draft idea. I hope it is not too messy. And we can discuss the details if you guys like it.

Ok, pros & cons.

Pros: 1. Fun fun fun. 2. It's more complicated than the mini puzzle games but we should be able to implement it in a single semester. 3. Network gameplay can be a feature. 4. Computer player is fairly easy to implement. Monopoly doesn't require too much strategy I guess... especially we cannot exchange property (academic rank!) here. 5. ?? (anyone likes it can think about it)

Cons 1. It's not a groundbreaking idea. 2. Can we handle the graphic parts? 3. The market is small - only Cal students =p 4. We may need to implement it using DirectX development kit.. not sure. 5. ?? (anyone who doesn't like it can think about it)

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2000

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