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Does anyone have any experience of Forte film in large format? Over here in the U.K. it is reasonably inexpensive and I was wondering how it compared to say, TX

-- Tony McLean (, September 15, 2000


I am also interested in this film. Does anyone know a source in the US?

-- Sol Campbell (, September 15, 2000.

According to their puerile "ED" ads in View Camera, Forte is distributed in the US by, "Call 410.374.3250 for dealer referral."


-- Simon (, September 16, 2000.

Also, I see someone posed a question about Fortepan 400 in the unmoderated forum of this morning; no answers yet, but we'll see. That prompted me to type in "Fortepan" and "Forte" to the search engine, yielding numerous references of varying value (when you just type in "Forte" most of the search results will be discussions of Forte paper). But it might be worth a look, assuming the 35mm versions of the film are similar to the sheet versions. . . .

-- Simon (, September 16, 2000.

I read somewhere on the web an articule by gordon hutchings where he was testing the berger 200 as well the forte 200 and 400. in the article he said the forte was only available in 4x5. he also said the films were similar to superxx. I bought two 25 packs of the forte 200 from B&H for 9.95 apiece. I dont think they stock that much of it because i had to wait about two weeks for the second box the first ariving in two days.-J

-- josh (, September 17, 2000.

I've been happy with it in 4x5. I rate it at 400 daylight (800 tungsten) and develop in Rodinal 1+25 for 10 minutes.

According to my Omega/Satter dealer rep, Omega can get anything forte makes, BUT.... you may have to buy a case lot and wait 8 weeks. So, if you really want Forte 8x10, it can be had in the states, but you'll need to find a dealer who's willing to help you order it. And then wait.

-- William Baguhn (, June 04, 2001.

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