who many books and poems has edgar written in his lifetime?

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how many books, poems, novels (anything) has edgar allen poe written?

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2000


no clue

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2000


While I have never counted or attempted to catalog the type and number of Poe's work, the book, "Edgar Allan Poe - Complete Tales and Poems" published by Barnes & Noble of New York gives some 50 poems and 68 tales. In addition, the book also contains about 13 critiques and essays. However, this does not represent all of Poe's labor. He was also a prolific social commentator and wrote numerous opinions on a wide variety of subjects (including humor). I strongly suspect that a definite numeric representation would be difficult at best for there are several literary works that are atrributed to him but remain unproven or, at least, questionable.


-- Anonymous, September 18, 2000

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