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Hi everyone,

welcome aboard!

it says "the lack of communication leads to the collapse of organization". so I thought perhaps a discussion forum might help us communicate more easily and effectively, and hopefully our organization will be even better.

But without your participation this forum won't help us in any way. So please visit it more frequently and post anything you think other members should know about the project. If you have another idea that can help us communicate better, please let us know.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2000


email alert

Actually you can add your email address to the email alert system, so that each time a new posting is up, the system will email you immediately. just click on the "email alert" link and fill out the form.

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2000


It's good having a forum.. But email is better to a lazy guy like me... @_@

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2000


It's a cool feature! We should have something like this in our project.. considerate, elegant and useful.

-- Anonymous, September 15, 2000

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