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On batteries - the mercury batteries are generally available in Australia - I say generally because you've gotta find a REAL camera shop - not one of these imitation ones with a processing machine and a rack of photo frames. I just bought 625's and 675's for $6.00 aus (about $3.60 us) each. I'm happy to purchase and mail at cost if any one wants them. I don't know if there's any import restriction to your country, but I gues the risk is yours if they're confiscated. E-mail me privately on to follow this up.

On another note - I've picked up a Tamron AF zoom internal focus 70-210 at a local pawn brokers. This is the one with the internal AF. I think I've now got one of the few AF FS-1's in existence!!! ( I've now also got an AF TC-X, and AF Autoreflex T!!!).

The good news - $50.00 aus.

The bad news - it's got fungus - how else would I screw him down to $50.00??? I haven't found ANY info at all on this lens on the www. I'm really interested to find instructions and specs if available, as well as any comment on whether it's worth getting the fungus cleaned out. The fungus isn't too bad at present, viewing through the lens is reasonably bright, but I guess it's a matter of time.


Mark Webster

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2000


Batteries and Autofocus

Mark, Thanks for the kind offer. I would suggest anyone who wants to purchase these to do so at the earliest opportunity. This is the lowest price I have seen so far, and they will not be confiscated. The law simply states that the mercury cells cannot be sold or imported for sale or manufactured in this country. Be advised, if you don't know it already that there is no European manufacturer of these cells, now. And congratulations on the AF lens! Hold this gem close to your bosom as it is quite rare in any lens mount. At $50.00, I think you could qualify it as a steal. Now, as to the fungus, if you feel brave, you can do as we antique types do for our oldies. Set the lens out with the elements facing the sun for a few hours. This will effectively kill the fungus, however it will not repair what damage it has already been done. While there are a few stalwart souls out there who will gladly take it apart and clean it up, I would wait a while, maybe a year, to see if it would be economically worthwhile. Although rather unique, especially in Konica mount, the older internal AF lenses haven't accrued any special mystique just yet. But, that may change over the course of the next 10-12 months. Keep an eye on the on-line auctions for activity. You'll know when it has "arrived".

Jon from Deepinaharta, Georgia

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2000

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