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Hi All, I hope someone has the solution for an elegant trigering system for a Rodenstock lens in Copal on a Speed Graphic. The Graflex mechanism has too short a throw for this shutter; I've tried to frustration to make it work. Also, I was never that fond of that little button below the range finder anyway. As it is, for a hand held shot, I'm holding the camera in my left hand with the strap, and I'm firing the shutter with my right hand using a short cable release. No good. I figure one of you has surely figured out a "cheap" solution to this one. Thanks, David

-- david clark (, September 13, 2000


David: I mounted a small cable clamp to the side of my ol' Graphic that fit the cable release. You can get those at auto parts stores. They are used to tie wiring to automobile frames. You can get either a plastic covered one or a metal one. A small screw or bolt through the camera is all it takes. If you do a little adjusting, you can get it set so the cable release can be removed. Mount it to the right side of the camera, then you can use both hands. Have you adjusted the solonoid for full throw and took out all the slack in the Graphic rig? On my MPP camera, there is a small slotted bracket at the front of the bed where you can insert the cable release and release it with your finger when you hold the bed balanced on your hand. The bracket is at the right hand corner looking at it from the back of the camera.

Hope this helps,

-- Doug Paramore (, September 13, 2000.

David, you might also consider a hand grip and cable release. I've seen these at local camera shows and can be had in the $50-$75 range. They attach to the tripod socket on the bottom of the graphic.

BTW - which Rodenstock lense are you using and what's your experience been? I'm considering replacing my 152 Ektar (Crown Graphic) for the 150 Rodenstock Sironar S or N for better color rendition.


-- John Welton (, September 14, 2000.

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