Hi....is Peter back on the board yet?

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Hi all, this is my first posting to this board even though I've been reading your comments for nearly a month coz I must admit, I am quite intimidated by the intellectualism and intelligence of the people from this board, and didn't want to post initially for fear of sounding dumb! =) Anyway, I'd like to ask a simple question. Is Peter Chung back on the board yet and if so, what's his new email address? Peter, if you're reading this, please contact me at my email addy. I am currently doing a project for my degree and need to seek permission from him regarding Aeon Flux. Thanks all!

-- Ophelia (echo@wantree.com.au), September 13, 2000


I think Peter's currently in Korea working on another commercial for Checkers/Rally. He prefer's us to contact him here, as he says he just moved and hasn't given a new e-mail address yet. Don't ever be afraid to come here, we love to hear from anyone, we all love Aeon and anyone loving her is a friend here.

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo@aol.com), September 13, 2000.

Ophelia, I assure you you'll be able to submit your Aeon Flux-related project without needing my permission, although I appreciate you taking the trouble to clear it first. At this point, I'm not going to complain about anyone keeping the memory of the series alive by using it however they wish. Anyway, MTV owns all the copyrights to Aeon Flux, but I really doubt that you'll hear from them as long as your project is non-commercial, that is, you aren't making money from it. I am curious, though, about what it is you're planning to do. Feel free to drop me a line. Peter Chung

-- Peter Chung (pkchung@ibm.net), September 14, 2000.

Am I too sentimental, that was really sweet, ( I know, guys hate to be called sweet), but it was. Ophelia, now your project is more than interesting, and you were afraid to come here because 'we' are too intellectual, who are 'we' but a bunch of typists anyway. I would love to know how long you've been into Aeon and how you first came by the show. BTW, one of the artists of the show itself also made some interesting comments here, look under Eric Canete. He worked on 'The Purge' with Peter.

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo@aol.com), September 14, 2000.

Not to worry its not just intellectuals who come here some of us are pseudo-intellectuals. That means we aren't smart we just have easy enough jobs that we can afford to think about Peter Chung, and Aeon for long than is practical. Me I work as a meat cutter and a stock boy. Believe me when I'm stocking shelves I think about Chronophasia. P.S. Peter I'm using MTV property in my E-mail address will they come for me?

-- nadar D. richards (nadar@BigPoppaPump.zzn.com), September 14, 2000.

To all of you guys, thank you for the nice warm welcome I've received from this board! And to Peter, thanks for your permission. =) As for the project I'm doing, it's really nothing much but a web page for my assignment in web design. Here's a little info about myself. I was captivated by Aeon Flux the first time I saw it on Mtv in 96 (the first episode I saw was "A Last Time for Everything", which is still my all time fav). Was extremely crazy about it that I got my then-email address to be aeonfluxx@hotmail.com. Strangest thing though is that till today, I've not seen the complete series of the two minute shorts since they got rid of Liquid Television from Mtv several months later. I know I'm straying from the subject, but I'm also into Star Wars, Scorsese and reading. Currently reading "The Art of Happiness" by the Dalai Lama. =) Thanks Barb E for the info...will check it out. =) And thanks all for the warm welcome! =)

-- Ophelia (echo@wantree.com.au), September 15, 2000.

Hey, Ophelia! I assure you, you could make no bigger fool of yourself than I did back at the old "typing out the entire e-mail" incident. To be old and wise you must first be young and stupid, I always say. By stunning coincidence, today I turned in a semi-biographical paper to my Senior English teacher about Peter Chung, discussing Aeon at length (One of the reasons I haven't posted much recently). To paraphrase the now-famous quote, if even one teacher says "Hey, this sounds interesting" and buys a video, I'll feel justified.

-- Frostbite (mbkrooks@bellsouth.net), September 15, 2000.

Frostbite, I would love to read your assignment, or parts of it, put it up for us! Ophelia, I would love to see your web page if its on.

-- Barb e. (Suesuesbeo@aol.com), September 18, 2000.

It's mostly stuff you already know if you've spent any time looking at Aeon pages. I'll post it, though. Hey, uh, how do you copy and paste again? I've forgotten already.

-- Frostbite (mbkrooks@bellsouth.net), September 21, 2000.

Hello everybody. It is quite a task to locate Mr. Chung's contact information. Don't try to write "Peter Chung" into a search engine either unless you are interested in finding a taekwondo dojung. Well, I have a plot concept that I would like to discuss with Mr. Chung. In light of the Korean social references that seem to abound in "Aeon Flux," it seems as though he takes an interest in contemporary East Asian politics and for this reason I thought he might be able to have some advice for me, as the plot that I've conceived does reflect on current Korean politics to a certain extent. Well, if anyone has some advice for me on how I might want to contact him, or if anyone is interested in hearing my idea - feel free to contact me. Or you can see my site at www.weihouse.com/jiyan/jiyan.htm. Thank you.

-- Jiyan Wei (jiyanwei@hotmail.com), September 10, 2001.

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