Why do we read online journals?

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I like to read, mostly printed material -- ha! that was a joke! laugh damnit. If I were more than just a casual observer of the online journal community (which I never knew existed til I came to Jen's site), I would most likely be able to answer that question, but I'm not so I'm left wondering.

I read only two journals, the other not for any reason in particular although I did find the insider view of a up and coming (now defunct) dot.com intriguing (sp? who cares?). Jen's site only because of her posts in another forum where she came off super smart and a bit ummm... bossy.

There are three reasons I can thik of why I come back to read about her life as a hamster killah:

1. She doesn't post daily 2. Her writing style is better than mine 3. She's a gal

Why do you come back?

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2000


The handjobs!

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2000

Ha ha, just kidding. She stopped those months ago.

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2000

Okay, seriously. (1) I think it's because she's bossy. (2) I am trying to improve my grammar. (3) She's too smart. (4) I want to know what happens next (5) I want a young hip woman's perspective (6) This is all they allow me do here.

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2000

great, you got a handjob and all I got was this lousy... wait a sec, I didn't get a darn thing! Golly gosh dang it, now I'm miffed. So miffed I can't see straight. I am terrifically miffed.

Does everyone that posts (or read) here hold some sort of advanced degree? Yall do seem rather smart, dry but smart -- snooty but smart -- highly uninteresting, but smart. (cept you cory glenn)

This forum sucks, but like a symbiotic cyber organism, it kinda grows on ya (or in ya). Sorta like using DOS when you've got windows installed -- cumbersome but effective and, in a way, cool.

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2000

I guess I need to lure Matt Rooooogers over here. Or better yet, my good friend Bathtubgirl!

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2000

Hey! No-one told me about handjobs!

I have a picture of my desk, taken three years ago. Up on my monitor, in the photo, is Jen Wade's page. I can't stop now.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2000

Rudeboy posted:
Does everyone that posts (or read) here hold some sort of advanced degree?

I've got tons and tons of grad credits but only one master's degree. I think in Jen's Forum that puts me on the left slope of the bell curve.

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2000

I only have a bachelor's degree, myself...

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2000

crap... I hate microsoft -- i type an r in the box ecpecting rudeboy as the only choice in the autofill listbox - and I get some dude's name I don't even know showing up in the sig of my post -- would you mind deleting that posts for me? Phuuurrrttty pleeaaaase with sugar on top.

sooner the better, as I'm sure that this this guy, whoever he is, does not particularly care to have his real name plastered here in cyber space. Thank you cutie pie.

-- Anonymous, September 18, 2000

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