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Hello out there! My name is Alyson Barrett, and I am doing a senior thesis this year for the University of Portland. While information on the history of The Fair Lending Act is prolific, I find it hard to find any specific to Portland. I chose this topic for this very reason, but will still need enough sources/ research to support a 50 page thesis. Where would you suggest I begin? -Thankyou!

-- Alyson Barrett (abarrett@up.edu), September 13, 2000


If you are looking for statistics, go the FFIEC.GOV web site and select Home Mortgage Disclosure. Under the Aggragat section you can select the Portland MSA 6440 and then in the table selection, select what data you want to see.

My company does CRA and Fair Lending analysis for institutions around the country. Feel free to contact me with any specific questions you may have. Good luck with your report

-- Don Narup (compliance@crahelp.com), October 17, 2000.

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